God Of War 4 PS4


The Game is all about:

  • His vengeance against the Gods of Olympus behind him, Kratos now lives in the realm of Norse deities and monsters.
  • It’s in this harsh, unforgiving world that he must fight to survive, and not
    only teach his son to do the same… but also prevent him from repeating
    the Ghost of Sparta’s bloodstained mistakes.
  • This staggering reimagining of God of War combines all the hallmarks of the iconic series
  • Brutal combat, epic boss fights and breathtaking scale – and fuses them with a
    powerful and moving narrative that re-establishes Krato’s world.


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The God of War series has been entertaining gaming fans since 2005. No,
that’s not a typo, this hugely successful franchise has been on the go
for more than 10 years. With its unique blend of fighting mechanics and
mythology, it’s easy to see why so many people have become encapsulated
in the games.  Where the first range of games in the series has followed
Greek mythology, the new God of War will be set within Norse mythology.
This is a first for the franchise and something that was originally
considered by video game designer, David Jaffe.  Designed as a sequel to
2010’s God of War III, the game will take place many years after the
events of its predecessor with Kratos returning. Naturally, after so
many years have passed, things within the game have changed. A bearded
and world-weary Kratos now has a son, something shown in the title’s
impressive trailers.  When it comes to gameplay, developers SIE Santa
Monica Studio and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment have called
it a reimagining of the franchise, meaning there are some great new
features for players to really get their teeth stuck into.  For those
with an excellent memory, you may remember that Kratos lost his
signature double-chained blades at the end of God of War III. Naturally,
this means that he will not use them in the new game, instead opting
for a magical battle axe known as the Leviathan Axe. This special
equipment can be infused with elemental abilities and thrown at his
enemies.   It’s not all new though, some of the combat mechanics that
gamers loved from previous games return, but with a new coat of polish.
These include the Spartan Rage ability, similar to Rage in previous
instalments. Like in its predecessors, Spartan Rage allows Kratos to use
incredibly powerful hand-based attacks that damage enemies
massively.  Although God of War is played entirely as Kratos, there are
times that gamers can choose to passively control his son, Atreus. In
this instance, one button is dedicated to Atreus and its use depends on
what is going on in-game. By this we mean that if Kratos needs help, the
player can look towards an enemy, press the button and allow Atreus to
take that enemy down with his bow.  With many of the same development
team working on God of War as its predecessors, all of the impressive
changes are rooted in the lore of the previous games. Despite its vast
alterations and different mythology, it’s sure to feel like a proper God
of War title. Couple this with the stunning performance capabilities of
Sony’s PS4 and God of War is sure to be another sure fire hit in the

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