About FoloBuy

Folobuy e-commerce platform is designed to serve the customer experience in a personalized manner to suit his/her needs as opted for. Folobuy prides itself as the first projector of “indigenous products only” that can service customer needs as opposed to regular beliefs. The Folobuy technology is designed to serve e-commerce from dimensions that projects the perspective of the customer’s own peculiar appeal and sense of needs.

Folobuy, from conception to actualization was achieved by using local resources in human capacity to plan and execute the system which will evolve continuously to serve the customer better.


As a company, our mission is to create a win-win transaction process between vendors and customers in a manner that tailors technologies to suit needs with a personal touch.

What we stand for

We stand for innovation from within that will impact our familiar environment positively to empower people in pursuit of their purpose in the sphere of commerce (exchange of goods and services).